Endevor - users holding MCF prevent back up running
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Endevor - users holding MCF prevent back up running


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I have scheduled some overnight regular back up jobs including UNLOADS, copies of the MCFs, the element catalog, etc.

This site does not time users out of TSO so potentially a user who has been working in Endevor can go home for the day without getting out of Endevor and logging out of TSO.  They can continue to hold onto MCF datasets which will mean the back up will not run while it waits on those datasets.

Is there a known way of dealing with this situation?  Every site I've ever been at times users out after an hour or so of inactivity so it's never come up before.


Release : 18.0 18.1 17.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


If an absent TSO user is holding enqueues over datasets, they need to be cancelled in order to release enqueues.

The enqueues may be interrogated in advance in order to detect the offending users before they cause a job to get stuck. For example, using the ENQ command from TSO ISRDDN display.

Datasets are enqueued under major name (qname) SYSDSN and the dataset name as minor name (rname) while open. This may be used to detect datasets in use by endevor or by anybody else.

While endevor has an MCF, ELMCATL or package dataset open, it holds an enqueue with major name LSERVDSN and minoir name equal to the dataset name. This happens regardless of whether LSERV is used onsite (in fact, it is done to eventually let LSERV know that the dataset is open by endevor). This enqueue may be used to determine whether the dataset is in use by endevor.