ITMS 8.0 HF1 - What has changed in the Symantec Management Console, on the Microsoft Active Directory Import page?
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ITMS 8.0 HF1 - What has changed in the Symantec Management Console, on the Microsoft Active Directory Import page?


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IT Management Suite


Some changes/enhancements in the Microsoft Active Directory Import Page were added that may cause confusion with customers.

For example:
Under "Specified Schedules", the option is grayed out even though we have shared schedules defined.
Active Directory Synchronization Schedule is not running anymore


ITMS 8.0 HF1 and later


The IT Management Suite 8.0 HF1 release introduces a number of enhancements/improvements of the Microsoft Active Directory Import page.

The following areas are changed:

  1. View status
  2. Filtering and sorting controls
  3. List of import rules
  4. Import rule caption
  5. Active Directory Synchronization Schedule

1. View status

The "9 / 9" number shows "number of displayed / total number of" import rules after filtering.
If you change or delete any import rules, the number of edited and/or deleted rules is also displayed.

2. Filtering and sorting

2.1 In the text box for filtering, you can type any text to match the rule content.
To clear the filtering text box, press "Esc".

2.2 The first icon next to the text box lets you filter the rules that import certain resource type (such as users, computers, etc).
The Schedules icon shows rules that have scheduling enabled.
The Active icon shows active rules.
To clear all resource type filters, press "Ctrl" and click the main filtering icon.

 2.3 The sorting icon lets you sort the rules by name, resource type, status, and last import time.
To clear all resource type filters, press "Ctrl" and click the main sorting icon.

3. List of import rules

Each rule item has more information displayed in the import rules list. The first icon in the rule caption shows the resource type that this rule imports. The import rules with enabled scheduling will have a green caption. The selected import rule has a blue glowing border.

4. Import rule caption

4.1 To edit the name of the import rule, double-click the title of the import rule, enter the new name,
and then click OK.
If you leave the name box empty, the import rule will get its default name.

Note! The changes are saved only if you click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

4.2 To enable/disable the import rule schedule, click the Schedule icon next to the import rule title.

If you have no defined schedules for the import rule and you click Schedule icon for the first time, the Rule Scheduling dialog box opens automatically.
To open the Rule Scheduling dialog box if the rule already has a schedule defined, press "Ctrl" and click the Schedule icon next to the rule name.

4.3 To open the Microsoft Active Directory Import Rule Task Runs report, press "Ctrl" and click the status icon on the right corner of the rule caption.

5. Scheduling Active Directory Synchronization

To configure a schedule for Active Directory Import rules, click the Directory Synchronization Schedule icon on the toolbar. 

In the Directory Synchronization dialog box, enable the schedule and configure it to run at the required time.

To enable the rule to run automatically by the common schedule, click the Click here to enable.. icon in the header of each rule. 


See also KB 169580 "How to find the Active Directory Synchronization schedule in 8.x" 

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