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The master project start date is in the year 1983. However, none of the child projects currently have a start date that goes this far back. 

Why would the master project start date not reflect the dates of the child dates?


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Component : CA PPM Project Management


The master project start date does not necessarily need to be the same as the earliest child project start date. The only requirement is that it needs to be either the same or earlier than its child project start dates. The system will not allow the master project to have a later start date than the start dates of the subprojects. 

In this instance, one of the child projects at one time had a start date of 1983. However, it was later changed to a later date. When this occurs, since the master project start date is still acceptable, it remains unchanged. If the user would like the start date on the master project to change, it would need to be changed manually.