Project save failed in .mpp file upload (PR004545)


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When saving a project mpp file back to Clarity, a 'Project Save failed' error is thrown. 

Looking at the logs, the following is being logged: 

WARN  2020-06-25 12:05:01,200 [http-nio-80-exec-121] niku.schedulers (clarity:<user>:6380063__1F5A455D-35E5-469F-97AA-B57B7A7CEF91:schedulers.postProject) ImportTaskProcessor.doProcess(): Illegal Task Start and/or Finish dates

However, after reviewing all of the task dates, they are all populated with valid start and finish dates. They are all set as autoscheduled tasks as well. 


Release : All Releases

Component : CA PPM Microsoft Project


In this case, this error message is due to an internal DuationText field that is part of the project in Microsoft Project. This field is not a visible field in the mpp, but can be found when looking at the XML that is attempting to save the project back to Clarity. After forcing this field to no longer be included in the XML, the project will then be able to successfully save back.

The DurationText property is used for manually scheduled tasks, so the steps that can be take to force this field to be removed are the following:

  1. Opening the mpp project file
  2. Changing all tasks to Manually Scheduled 
  3. Changing all tasks back to Autoscheduled
  4. Saving the project back to Clarity

Additional Information

See also KB100653:MSP Project Save Failed Error due to Summary task Start / Finish Date scheduling issue

See also KB5264: MSP 'Project Save Failed' error due to task Start or Finish Date issues in MSP