Convert Top Secret Security file from CPF to Shared


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The current sysplex has two LPARs which are mirrored using CPF. How can this be converted to one shared security file instead of two? 


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


 To go to one shared system the following steps need to be done:
- Change the DD statement in the TSS Proc to point to the secfile you are keeping.
- Remove the BACKUP DD for the discontinued secfile in the Top Secret Proc.
- Remove the CPF Recovery File DD.
- Change the SHRFILE Control Option to SHRFILE(SECURITY) -- If you have two audit files or SHRFILE(YES) --if all files are shared.
- Change the CPF Contol Option to CPF(OFF)

There are other things that can be cleaned up after things are working such as other CPFxxx Control Options. With CPF(OFF) other CPFtype Control Options will not take effect.  Looking at the parmfile you may want to comment them out at first instead of removing them.