Endevor - Component validation after unload/reload
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Endevor - Component validation after unload/reload


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After recently installing Endevor using an UNLOAD/RELOAD process as follows:
1) Sending site's Endevor had multiple clients so only items specific the the client migrating were unloaded. 
2) All Endevor control files at the receiving site were allocated empty (MCF/BASE/DELTA/ELEMENT CATALOG/ACMQ/etc) and Endevor was reloaded from the UNLOAD file provided (no errors with the reload, all expected elements were found). 
3) Because the ACMQ file contained other client data, it could not be delivered populated. 

Current issue: 
When doing a CAST of an element, it will fails with a footprint mismatch (FPVL003E) for the input component(s).  All of the Footprint dates for the Sending site and Receiving site in the master catalog record(s) and in the dataset member(s) are the same.  However the sending site does not receive the footprint errors.   

On the new site, the cast only seems to be checking if the LAST GENERATE in the element record matches the footprint date in the output member.  Since the input component was moved and a new footprint created, those dates will not match (which is normal).  According to the package cast documentation, both dates should be checked, i.e. if the ELEMENT last moved date matched the footprint or the ELEMENT generate date matches the footprint (if either one matches) then the cast should be successful.  


Release : 18.0 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


During RELOAD action, specify 'OPTION RETAIN PROCESSOR HISTORY'. This assumes you are confident in the integrity of the output libraries. RELOAD is designed to only restore source under Endevor. By default, it does not restore outputs. Best practice is to generate the element after RELOAD to restore outputs.