IDMS Batch job abends with U3971 abend code
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IDMS Batch job abends with U3971 abend code


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A batch local mode job (in this case the first IDMSBCF step in JOB07 from 19.0 configuration jobs) abends U3971 with no other message/info 


This is possibly a leftover from pre-18.0 so most likely when upgrading an IDMS environment to 19.0 from an older release such as 16.0 or 17.0.

We found several old cases from 17.0 that indicated the problem was caused by not running a CAIRIM refresh of the APFLIB modules and SVC. 

Specifically in those old cases it was module IDMSMSVA that needed to be refreshed, but in this case we did not know what release level the SVC and the other APFLIB members were, that were currently loaded in LPA at the time the abend occurred.

  The batch job, even without a SYSCTL, will make a call to the IDMS SVC defined in the RHDCSRTT security module (Assembled and linked into CUSTOM.LOADLIB during job03) so that should be the 19.0 SVC also created during JOB03.

We asked the user to run a CAIRIM to load or refresh the SVC that was specified in the #SECRTT TYPE=INITIAL macro and also to refresh all 4 of the other APFLIB modules from the 19.0 APFLIB (CAIXDOA$, IDMSMSVA, PMRTDATA and RHDCSSFM) and then try this job again.

  That caused the batch job to complete without error.