how to create a dashboard for network Latency in UMP
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how to create a dashboard for network Latency in UMP


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Can you please help us how to create a separate dashboard for network latency as we have configured through net_connect probe. We need to create it for customer and give separate access.


Release : 8.51



You can access many UIM videos online that will help you get started.

Once you are collecting the QOS/alarms, you can use the dashboard designer portlet as long as you have access to it via ACL, and start creating your dashboard. Alternatively you can use CABI to create dashboards. You can use two objects or more of course and drag and drop a line widget to connect the objects, then configure the Line widget to reflect the status of the connection/response/latency.

I also recommend posting your comment to the community as others may be willing to share a network/network latency dashboard that you can reuse and reconfigure for your own use.

Dashboard Gallery ideas:

To grant separate access you can publish the dashboard to a specific Account that only has access to specific data based on the origin.

You can search the UIM community and/or ask others if they have created a similar dashboard and if they are willing to share it.

You can Google search -> UIM community network latency dashboards