Probe usage_meter report location and Excel Format
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Probe usage_meter report location and Excel Format


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Need to know where the report data is pulled by usage_meter probe ?
Any way to export it to excel file ?


Release : 9.x or later



By default all reports are saved at the probe install folder then, reports:

Sorry, It exports in HTML format only.

You can try to import to Excel.

Few other details about the probe, just for your information:

Usage_metering Documentation



Additional Information

You can export an HTML billable items report containing summary and detail information after usage calculation completes.

You can then open the report in any Web browser or spreadsheet application for advanced features such as filters and pivot tables, as required.

Q.What is the fastest way to generate the latest report? 
In the Device Metering tab, click Run Scan Now. Then, in the Calculation tab, specify the current year and month and click Run. Finally click Refresh to view your report in the list.

Q.How do I save the report manually? 
In the Calculation tab, select the report and click Export to save a copy of the report to your local system.

Q.Do I need the billing probe? 
No. From usage_metering probe version 9.00, you do not need the billing probe.

Q.Why do I see multiple reports? 
The probe generates the following reports:
One overall summary report
One report for each hub (origin) connected to the primary hub
The probe also displays previously generated reports in the list.


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