CA View - SARSTC Down During Backup at DR
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CA View - SARSTC Down During Backup at DR


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The client was running a DR exercise, and their CA View SARSTC task came down, during a run of a View backup.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


As the View SARSTC task was currently down, and as it had come down as a result of a View backup, the SARSTC task was able to be started using "/S sarstc,OPT=STOPBU".

The task then started successfully.

With use of STOPBU, any information kept on the last backup is not consulted, and the SARSTC task can start successfully. 

Please note that the reason for the failure in the View backup should be investigated. 


In this instance, when an image of a View database was taken, to be used in a DR exercise, there were some reports that were in the process of being collected. 

Upon startup at DR, View wanted to continue processing, to finish processing, the reports noted as having been started in collection. 

Whereupon, there were $HASP708 and related SARJSA05 messages generated, noting the condition.