"Synchronize device life cycle state from Spectrum" check box missing in Spectrum data source edit panel


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After installing CA Performance Management 3.7.12 may notice that the "Synchronize device life cycle state from Spectrum" check box is missing from the Spectrum Edit Data Source panel in Performance Center:

Normally the panel should show this instead: 


Regression bug in the code.


Release : 3.7.12

Component : CA Performance Center


The fix for this problem will be included in future release CA PM 3.7.14 and NetOps 20.2

If needed, there is a possible workaround to this behavior in the affected versions. This would be to update the 'data_sources2' table in CA PC netqosportal database to have "SyncDeviceLifeCycleStates" field set to '0' if need to disable the Life Cycle synchronization, or set to '1' to enable it. And also to update 'UpdatedOn' value to synchronize the new value to Data Sources.

For example, the following command will tell to not synchronize Life Cycle state from Spectrum data source:

mysql> update netqosportal.data_sources2 set SyncDeviceLifeCycleStates=0,UpdatedOn=UNIX_TIMESTAMP() where sourcetype= 65536;

Additional Information

Refer to Defect DE466806