How to refresh the Virtual Services shown in the DevTest VSCatalog


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How to refresh the Virtual Services shown in the DevTest VSCatalog.
The VSCatalog currently shows some Virtual Services that are no longer running.


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


The status of Virtual Services as shown in the Virtual Service Catalog may be delayed somewhat compared to the actual status of the Virtual Service in the VSE.
Under normal conditions with all services up and running and no network issues, the Virtual Service Catalog should reflect the state of the actual Services.
Note that the Virtual Service Catalog screen does not automatically refresh.
When doing a VSC screen refresh, the values are refreshed from the Enterprise Dashboard and if this service is down, static cached values are used.
After restarting the Enterprise Dashboard, the status of Virtual Services should catch up again.
Also shutting down the VSE will not update the Virtual Services as not running but after restarting the VSE, the Virtual Services should be reported accurately again.

So in summary to show the Virtual Services in the VSC accurately the following is needed:
- Confirm the VSE, Registry and EDB services are running and there are no network issues.
- Confirm the VSC shows the EDB as connected.
- Refresh the VSC screen with the Virtual Services.