Steps to create a Devtest IBM MQ RFH VS from RRPair


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How to create an IBM MQ RFH Virtual Service from a Request Response Pair.


Release : 10.4, 10.5, 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


In the Workstation, open the project and create assets for a queue to handle the incoming requests (asset req) and for a queue to handle responses (asset rsp).

Place the Request and Response Pair files in a folder.

Rightclick VirtualSerices, select Create New VS Image -> From Request/Response Pairs


Enter the vsi and vsm filenames and click next.

Enter the rrpair folder and enter IBM MQ Native as the protocol and click Configure

Configure requests to go to the req asset and responses to go to the rsp asset and click Finish (this will close the Configure window).

Click Next

Enter the XML Data Protocol for the Request Side Data Protocol and click Next

Click Next

Click OK

Click Finish

Check the VSM and VSI that have been created.



Steps to test the IBM MQ Virtual Service.

Create a test with an IBM MQ Native Send Receive step to put a request on the queue.

Configure the step in PRO mode:

- Put Queue: req

- Header Properties, Open Properties, add Character Set 819 and add Format RFH.

- Contents, General -> Binary, Load the content of a local file, choose the RRPair request.


Run the test to confirm it puts an RFH message on the queue in MQ Explorer.

Deploy the VS and confirm it reads the message and places a message on the response queue

Confirm the message can be read with the IBM MQ Native Send Receive step in a test.

By default the message will be MQSTR but this can be updated in the VSI.