How to remove the Tabs from create Active Directory Account


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In the Modify User's Endpoint Accounts task, Users > Manage Users, after selecting a user on the new page there is a "Create Account" button, you select the "Active Directory" endpoint and the Container, the "Create Active Directory Account" page is displayed with several Tabs.

How to remove the Tabs you do not need?



Some users while creating a new account from Identity Manager UI ask for clean pages without a lot of information, below how to remove the Tabs you do not need while creating Active Directory Account, see image below`.


The steps can be used to other Endpoints too.


Identity Manager 14.x


About the tabs you mentioned in the screenshot, you can edit or remove them by Modify Admin Task.

- Modify Admin Task and search for "Create Active Directory Account"

- Click Tabs and all tabs you listed in red is there

- You can edit or remove it from the Tabs tab.