How to prevent start up prompt
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How to prevent start up prompt


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I am testing a new system that has VM:Operator.
I have to IPL the system as a 2nd level system so there is no real 3270 type device to use. If you query operator the response is 'SYSC' - system console.
I use the standard profile which executes your  PROFRUN exec.
My problem is that there is always the prompt 'Do you want to start VMOPER now?'
How do I get rid of the prompt?


Release : 3.1

Component : CA VM:Operator


Specify  PROFRUN NOPROMPT (in the PROFILE EXEC where PROFRUN is called).

PROFRUN EXEC initiates the prompt and additional options as defined by the product.

Additional Information

When you log on to a CA VM product user ID, the PROFILE EXEC invokes the PROFRUN EXEC. The first time you access a product after installing or upgrading it, log on to the product instead of using an AUTOLOG process, so that you can learn of any errors that PROFRUN EXEC encounters.
Because PROFRUN EXEC is run each time you log on to a product server, the product is kept properly positioned for upgrading to new release levels and for day-to-day product administration.
The PROFRUN EXEC performs the following functions:
  • Links and accesses CA Mainframe Product Manager product configuration definitions in the VMSERVER NAMES files.
  • Links and accesses CA Mainframe Product Manager utility programs and startup service routines.
  • Links and accesses CA Product License Key certificates for verification.
  • Accesses any additional minidisks needed to start the product.
  • Starts the product
  • Initiates the 
    Do you wish to start product?
     prompt and additional options as defined by the product
  • Logs off the product if it is running disconnected when the END command is issued
  • Manages the product re-initialization process. If you are logged on to the VMANAGER user ID, you can reinitialize products from the VMADMIN Administration Menu instead of logging on to the product.
The PROFRUN EXEC supports keyword parameters, which tailor the following function.
  • NOPROMPT suppresses the prompt which asks whether to start operations and proceeds directly to start the product execution.
  • NOSTART links and accesses the configuration disk and service routines disk, but returns to CMS command mode without starting the product execution.
  • NOLOG suppresses the LOGOFF command usually issued when the product is stopped by a product END command.