DataMaker not showing all dialogs in the Tool


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


The Datamaker is not working correctly, below are the situations that are occurring:

Evaluated scenarios

1) The datamaker opens and connects to the data repository (SQL server) When I click on my projects and select the Project manager option, the window does not open and does not return any values.

2) executing the same procedure above and in the sequence selecting the option "Actions for registered objects" the screen starts to open and in the sequence the datamaker closes and no error windows appear.

I have already checked with the infrastructure team and apparently there are no firewall problems, since we are all working from home.

I asked an employee of the company to try to run the Datamaker directly in the company without being via VPN and the error occurred in the same way.

Are there any Datamaker tables or logs that could show if we are having errors in any project structure in the TDM repository


Permissions issue.


Release : 4.8 and later

Component : CA Test Data Manager - Datamaker


User was not allowed to have Administrator permissions, so granted Advanced User permissions on the DataMaker application for users resolved the issue.