APM SaaS Experience Views are not working as expected
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APM SaaS Experience Views are not working as expected


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


Experience Views are not working as expected. e.g. in Production tenant, Experience View (Site), card Nex, only leg 3 is appearing (abc07). Other 2 legs (abc70 and abc71) are not appearing the experience view. We can see the data in metric view for these 2 legs. In general, we are noticing lot of issues with Experience view in prod and stage.


Release : APM SaaS



Some clarifications:

1. In the Map View, if we filter down by application and select the servers abc07, abc70 and abc71 and then further filter by isExperience set to Yes, if the node contains an arrow mark (circled in red below), this indicates that the node has an experience.

The view we show in Experience View, if we have an experience on a particular node (as above), then a card will appear in the Experience View.  In this situation, one server had a node with experience, the other 2 servers did not.  



The Experience is the leftmost component of the transaction, the first monitored component of the whole transaction. The experience node is the first monitored frontend component and contains an attribute that is called Experience. The experience node is the beginning of the transaction path. An experience can be, for example, a servlet or a generic frontend.

In order for an Experience card to appear in the Experience View, the application must have a Frontend node (found in the Metric View).


2. In abc07, the same Frontend gets invoked in the same manner on the other 2 servers (abc70 and abc71).  The transactions are exactly the same.  So why are those nodes not listing an experience?

  It gets invoked but the transaction has happened on abc07, not the other 2.


3. Is there any way to determine which transaction has an experience?


4. If you have a transaction hitting an app and flagged as an experience and calls a downstream service that is instrumented in APM, does that experience flag propagate downward to the service call on the secondary application?

  No, only the Frontends.  The map view on the left mode node gets triggered as an experience, not the second layer stuff.


5. At the universe level, if isExperience is turned on, does that mean that we're only going to see isExperience nodes in our view?

  Yes, name itself defines.  Only the experiences stuff gets defined in the isExperience view.


6. What specifically flags a transaction as an experience?

  Any first trigger, such as a login to any app, that gets the Frontend and then the isExperience is flag is set for them.


7. What is the concept of Frontend in the metric view if different from what shows in Experience View 

   If you have some bank app, webapps will be there, if you trigger those, they will come under the Frontend, but may or may not be experiences


8. There is no way to confirm what would come into experience, would we need to create a universe to see what comes in?  Is there any way to tell before that?

  By the flow of the app you can tell which comes under the Frontend stuff.  If we know how it behaves we may know it beforehand, but if new person reviews, they have to dig into it


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