Classic UI - Return button from third level child object redirects incorrectly


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Product: Clarity PPM
Module: Studio; Object Hierarchy; Return button

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a sub object to the Project object (Administration -> Objects -> New). Let us call this object sub_obj
2. Create a sub object to the object from Step 1. Let us call this object sub_sub_obj
3. Logout and Login back to the application

4. Create a Project object Instance
5. Create an instance of sub_obj
6. Create an instance of sub_sub_obj

7. Create a new subpage of sub_sub_obj (Administration -> Objects -> <Search for 3rd level object> -> Views -> Layout:Edit -> Create Subpage)

8. Navigate to the sub_sub_obj instance
 a. Click on Processes tab 
 b. Click on Properties tab
 c. Click on subpage created in Step 7
9. Click on Return. We get navigated to Level 3 list page
10. Click on Return again

Expected Result: We get navigated to Level 2 list page
Actual Result: We get navigated to a blank Project Properties tab, with fields missing in it. Same behaviour is observed with any other custom object hierarchy.


Due to defect with ID DE55923.


Version: 15.8.1


The defect is fixed in version 15.9.3.