MUX Parameterized Lookup error - One or more parameters 'param_name' are not API-enabled


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This error happens in the Modern / New User Experience (MUX). We are seeing this with a custom parameterized lookup attribute on a custom object.

Following are the steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Create a sub-object of the Project object
  2. Navigate to the Modern UX -> Blueprints
  3. Pick a Blueprint -> Go to Modules
  4. Display the object created in Step 1. Make note of the Blueprint
  5. Create a lookup (in the Classic UI. Administration -> Lookups -> New -> Dynamic Query) with the following NSQL:
 @select:id:[email protected],
 @select:name:[email protected],
 @select:code:[email protected]
 from inv_investments
 where @[email protected]
 and id = @where:param:user_def:integer:[email protected]

    6. Create a new attribute in the object from Step 1. Make it of data type "Lookup". Use the lookup created in Step 5
    7. Under section "Lookup Parameter Mappings", provide "odf_parent_id" for "Object Attribute ID"
    8. Navigate back to the Modern UX. Map any project to the Blueprint from Step 2. Open it and navigate to the sub-object's tab
    9. Display attribute from step 4 in the list view
   10. Create a new instance and try to populate value for the attribute from Step 4

Expected Result: Values are displayed for selection
Actual Result: Following error/warning is thrown:
"One or more parameters 'param_map_to_project' are not API-enabled. You may see unexpected results."


If other attributes are used in Step 7, the error will vary. Example of other parameters that may be referenced in the error:

    • param_projectId
    • param_inv_id

Note: The following combinations of attribute mapping to a dynamic NSQL are possible:

  1. @where:param:user_def:integer:[email protected] TO Custom Attribute
  2. @where:param:user_def:string:[email protected] TO Custom Attribute
  3. @where:param:user_def:integer:[email protected] TO OOTB Column such as odf_parent_id, created_by etc
  4. @where:param:user_def:string:[email protected] TO OOTB Column such as name, code etc.
  • 1 and 2 work without any problems.
  • 3 throws an error/warning.
  • 4 does not throw an error, but no values can be selected either.


Due to defect with ID DE55921.


Version: 15.8.1

Module: Studio; New User Experience (Modern UX/UI) Parameterized Lookups


Defect has been fixed in version 15.9.0.