SiteMinder Web Agent for Ubuntu
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SiteMinder Web Agent for Ubuntu


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We are trying to setup SiteMinder 12.52 Web Agent on Ubuntu 18.04. Though the installation went fine, seeing the following error during Web Agent configuration.

"Apache webserver does not exist at: /etc/apache2."

Kindly clarify if SiteMinder 12.x Web Agent is supported on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS please.


Release : 12.8



Ubuntu Linux has not been tested or certified for use with the SSO Policy Server or Agents, as such I cannot offer a recommendation on compatible versioning. That being said, Broadcom Technical Support will make a reasonable commercial effort to troubleshoot and/or resolve customer support requests that involve the use of currently supported versions of Broadcom Single Sign-On on or with “unsupported” platforms as follows: Broadcom Technical Support will accept support incidents (support requests) involving a software platform of a combination of software platforms that is not officially supported per the then-current Broadcom published platform support matrices. Broadcom will troubleshoot the issue up to the point that Broadcom has reason to believe that the problem is related to the use of software that is not specified in a then-current platform supported matrix. At such point, Broadcom shall require that the customer reproduce the problem on a fully supported combination of platforms before Broadcom proceeds in troubleshooting the incident. Linux Reasonable Commercial Effort Statement: This Support Statement applies to Broadcom Single Sign-On that offers documented support for one or more Linux Reference Platforms. Broadcom strives to meet our clients’ diverse and ever changing needs. Broadcom products support and manage many of today's leading platforms, operating systems and applications across the IT enterprise. A Linux Reference Platform is a specific version of a particular Linux variant, such as Red Hat Enterprise Server 6, which is used in Broadcom development, QA, and Support, and is documented as a supported environment in which to run Broadcom Single Sign-On. To verify the Linux Reference Platforms supported for Broadcom Single Sign-On, review the system requirements section of the respective product documentation, or check with Broadcom Support. Many of our clients use variants of the Linux operating system as their production operating system platform, for example Oracle Enterprise Linux, SUSE, etc. Some of those Linux variants claim compatibility (compatibility modes) with Broadcom Single Sign-On supported Linux Reference Platforms. Note: CA does not test every possible configuration of CA Single Sign-On running on the many Compatible Linux Variants available and cannot certify specific client configurations. So to answer your question, we do not have a "certified " Ubuntu version, but as it is based on Red Hat, it may be possible to install and configure an Agent on an Ubuntu system.