Can password expiration be disabled for a specific user in DX Netops Performance Center?


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Can we set the password to never expire for a specific user such as the admin user DX Netops Performance Center (CAPC)?


Release : 3.7, 20.2.x

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


  1. Log in to the Performance Center host.

  2. Navigate to the Performance Center directory:

    cd PC_Install_Directory/PerformanceCenter

  3. Launch the SSO Configuration utility:


  4. Select CA Performance Center.

  5. Select and run option 8: Performance Center Local Password Authentication.

  6. Complete the following prompts:

Enter one of the following options:

1. Remote Value

These settings are propagated to all other CA products and data sources that are registered to this instance of CAPC. This includes the Event Manager in CAPC, which embeds the URL of CAPC. CAPC uses Remote Value settings only if a corresponding Local Override value is not present.

2. Local Override

Overrides a setting on this CAPC instance, which does not propagate to other CA products and data sources (including Event Manager) registered to this instance of CAPC. Local Override takes precedence over both the Remote Value and default settings.

Generally, unless you know you need to specifically set a value for CAPC only, Remote Value should be used.

Select Option 5. Disable password expiration for a specific user

Specify the user to disable password expiration for. The password for the specified user never expires.

Enter the username and hit enter

Enter b to return to the previous screen to q to quit.

Additional Information

For additional options see the documentation at: