Getting a Timeout message
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Getting a Timeout message


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Automic Admin advised they are getting a timeout with the message U02001091 command and they want to know why they are getting this. They want to control this timeout.



Release : 12.3

Component : Automation Engine


20200609/121959.675 - U02000082 The Agent routine 'UCFTEX  ' needs '28.237' second(s) for message 'FT_DIR  ', RunID '2466128'.
20200609/122122.714 - U02000169 Command with RunID '2466128' started with Process ID '7240'. Command: 'powershell -command {powershell parameters}
20200609/123124.237 - U02001091 Command with RunID '2466128' is canceled due to timeout. Command: 'powershell -command {powershell parameters}20200609/123124.238 - U02000135 Thread '9076' ended.
20200609/123124.238 - U02000180 Command with RunID '2466128' has been removed from the table.

This powershell command was moving files and is taking longer that our default 600 seconds (10 minutes) timeout value


The powershell command is taking over 10 minutes to complete.

Since this is a variable -> you are running into the VAR_TIMEOUT in the UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT - which is 600 seconds.

Please update to a longer value per our documentation: