DLP Endpoint support for Mac OS 11 Big Sur


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Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

What plans does Symantec/Broadcom have for adding support for Mac OS 11, Big Sur (formally known as Mac OS 10.16)?


Release : 15.x

Component : Endpoint


For the most up to date information, go to our documentation page using this link;

macOS 11 compatibility and testing


Also, refer to this product advisory:


Update 30 Nov:

Big Sur support will be added in 15.7 MP2.
Such support will not be backported to any previous version of DLP.
You must upgrade DLP to 15.7 MP2 to support Big Sur.

In 15.7 MP2 there will be two Mac agents.
One version for Big Sur and one version for all previous versions of Mac OS.
Only one MAC agent version can be installed on each Mac.

Update 11 Dec:

We have released 15.7 MP2.
It adds support for Mac OS 11.
The Release Notes are here: link