Kibana showing a different number of the sessions than AXA UI
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Kibana showing a different number of the sessions than AXA UI


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Why AXA UI show a different number of sessions than Kibana for the same period?

Selecting in AXA UI day 8Th June for one specific application shows 71,551 number os sessions:

In Kibana we have selected the same application in AXAUI, put the day 8Th June for the whole day and we can see 76,566 sessions.



CA App Experience Analytics SaaS


It happens due to the different timezone that Kibana server is running.


It happens due to Kibana server runs on the UTC Time zone and Kibana UI runs on the Tenant country timezone. If your company contract is set to Madrid/Spain, for example, the AXA UI will be running on the CEST timezone and can show different values for the same time period.

Another point to pay attention is the data filter that you are selecting for Kibana report, AXA UI shows the number of Unique count of sessions, so you must make sure to select this same data filter in Kibana, otherwise, you will see different values as well.

In Kibana, select: Visualize >> select the dashboard that you want to see >> click in Data >> click in Metrics >> Aggregation >> choose "Unique Count"