Robot - cdm probe deployed but do not appear/show up
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Robot - cdm probe deployed but do not appear/show up


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After deploying the CDM package to the Linux system, the probe is not reflected in the robot (does not show up) 
In the controller logs, you can find the following lines:
Controller: System information:
Controller:   sysname:  Linux
Controller:   node   :  <server name>
Controller:   release:  4.18.0-193.el8.x86_64
Controller:   version:  #1 SMP Fri Mar 27 14:35:58 UTC 2020
Controller:   machine:  x86_64
Controller: Could not figure out what Linux version you are running!
Controller: Please report the following system information to [email protected]


Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - ROBOT


- UIM version


From the logs it appears that the robot is running on an RHEL 8 machine.

Robot running on RHEL version 8 is only tested and supported as of UIM v20.1.

20.1 robot-> is the same as robot version 9.30 - the individual robot and hub are supported from UIM 9.10 or higher.

The UIM version would have to be 9.10 or higher, although it might work, it is not officially tested nor supported until v20.1.