Change Request View and Portlet Configuration
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Change Request View and Portlet Configuration


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There is a Status field on the Change Requests, but there is not an option to select for Closed. 

Also, the Change Management portlet does not appear to have all attributes available, is there another portlet or view that can be used to view and extract a list of Change Requests in the system?


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Component : CA PPM Studio


Out of the box, the Status field has a 'Closed' value to mark a Change Request as closed. If using a custom Status field instead, a value would need to be added for the 'Closed' status on the custom lookup that is being used. 

The Change Request Management portlet is based off of an NSQL query, so there is not a way to add additional fields to this portlet without copying the query, modifying it to add the additional fields and creating a brand new portlet with it. Alternatively, a new portlet based off of the Change Request object can be created instead. This would not be based off an NSQL query, so any existing attribute that is part of the Change Request would be available on this portlet and any attribute that was created under this object in the future would also automatically be available on this portlet as well. The steps to create a portlet based off the Change Request object are to go to Administration - Portlets - New (Grid Portlet) - Enter a name/id and for the Data Provider, select Change Request, click on Next - Finish and Open. Columns can then be added to the portlet from the List Column Section - Layout tab.