Data Reservation using Search and Reserve
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Data Reservation using Search and Reserve


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Our QA testers are actively using Find and Reserve capabilities. Is there a way to pull a report of all reservations made by QA testers?

When logging in as an administrator and verify "My Reservations" it only shows the reservations made by admin log-in id.

It does not show the reservations made by individual testers who log in using their own tester id's and reserve the data.


All supported TDM releases.




You can pull this data from telemetry – Refer to section "Usage Data (Telemetry)" in the documentation of the TDM release you are running.

You can import json data into excel and create reports.

To pull a report directly from the database, assuming you are running on demand F&R, you can run

- to get the internal table name (assuming AIRPORTS is the driving table in my case)
select dvi.data_table_name from data_view dv
inner join data_view_instance dvi on = dvi.data_view_id
where dv.source_table = 'AIRPORTS')

- to get all the reserved records
select * from where "$RESERVATION_ID" IS NOT NULL