Server Groups & Different Security Profile
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Server Groups & Different Security Profile


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CA Client Automation


We need help on couple of topics for CA Client Automation:

1 Can we create a group of specific set of servers. For example an application
have list of servers and we create group specific to an application. 

2 How to restrict a user from viewing all computers. Can we have any role assigned
to a user so that he can see only the specific set of servers.


Client Automation - All versions


1. There're two types of groups you can create, static and dynamic:

For the static group you can add the machines manually from All Computers.

You can create a dynamic group and associate to query so that, whenever
there is a change in the query result, the group's membership can also
change dynamically.

For the query you can go to:

DSM Explorer --> Queries --> My Queries --> New --> Computers

It will open the Query Designer:

Query --> Insert Argument --> General Information --> Computer -->
Host name --> Host name LIKE *abc* --> OK --> OK -->
enter a name for the query --> OK

* Host name LIKE *abc* will return all machines which contains abc in name.

In Dynamic Group properties change the query for the one created
under My Queries.

See this ref. documentation:

User Defined Groups

2. In the Tree View in the left side of DSM explorer, Right-click
on the All Computers and select Permissions.

In the Object Permissions screen for the Object name All Computers,
click on the name of the user in Security Profile Name column, and
it'll be marked blue.

Expand the drop-down list box Object access, then select No Access.

See the documentation as reference:

Object Permissions

Class Permissions

CA CLIENT AUTOMATION - 14.0, Using > Dsm Explorer > Common Security >
Class Permissions

Following an additional documentation:

Object Level Security Best Practices