Event Conditions/Rules for Locked "Device Polling Statistics" Need to be Changed


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The default event rules and conditions for the locked monitoring profile, "Device Polling Statistic" needs to be changed.  For some slow devices, we are generating many events/alerts (to Spectrum) where there really is no problem.


CAPM 19.3


1) Find the rule ID:

   Administration->Monitored Items Management->Monitoring Profiles
   Select Device Polling Statistics
   Click the "Event Rules" tab
   Mouse over the header Rule Name and click the gear
   Select Columns and check "EventRuleID"

   The rule is "Polling Safety Valve", get the ID form the EvenRuleID column

2) Do a GET using the ID in the Data Aggregator REST interface to confirm once identified:

URL: http://<DA>:8581/rest/eventrules/<EvenRuleID>

This will display the XML rule configuration.

3) Modify the the rule to chage the window,duration,violationvalue and clearcondition:

URL: http://<DA>:8581/rest/eventrules/<EvenRuleID>
REST Operation: PUT
Content Type: "application/xml"

<EventRule version="1.0.0">

4. Do another get of http://<DA>:8581/rest/eventrules/<EvenRuleID> and check that the values have changed.