Upgrading Management Center version 1.x to one of the latest supported versions
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Upgrading Management Center version 1.x to one of the latest supported versions


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Note that  MC 2.2.x and below have already reached end of maintenance .  This includes any MC version running 1.x and below.     1.11 reached EOM  November 2018 which later extended to June, 2019. 


Any Management Center  running 1.x version. 



If you are still running any 1.x version,  you may need to go to multiple end-of-life code hops on which you are at risk database corruption (known or unknown) during upgrades .     As the code hops that you may traverse have been unsupported for some time now, current recommendation is restore to factory defaults using latest version .  You will need to reconfigure the network information (via serial console  or vm console) and re license the unit, then re add the manage devices for monitoring.    This would be the least painful and easiest approach especially if you only have handful of manage devices.

  If you still want to try doing upgrade coming from 1.x , continue following in staying within 2 minor version when upgrading.     If you are running any version below you will need to hop to and leave your Management Center running  this said version for about a day or two prior moving to  2.x code hop.  This is needed for garbage collection addressing a known DB corruption bugs happened from earlier 1.x versions. garbage collection may take some time and may render your MC not accessible which varies from  minutes to hours .   It's imperative not to restart, reboot, power off your MC during this time.


There is nothing that we could do if database corruption happens other than restore unit to factory defaults and restore your backup on same version it was taken from.    If for some reason there is no  working backup, you will have to readd manage devices manually.


Please note other best practices when doing MC upgrade

- Create and offload your backup before and after each upgrade.   

- For MCs with failover setup, disable the failover on both (primary and secondary).  


 For more information, refer to MC documentations.  Documentation can be accessed by clicking the help icon on your MC UI ( usually located on top right corner).   For 2.4.x MC release documentation, they can be found  on below link: