Can OpenShift Extension Monitor applications developed using Python and Angular language?


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Regarding OpenShift monitoring. Apart from Java and .Net applications, can we monitor the applications developed using the Python and Angular languages? 


We can monitor OpenShift with OpenShift Monitor (APM IA + OpenShift extension) either from docker hub or SaaS.


Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents


  1. We can monitor OpenShift with OpenShift monitor (APM IA + Openshift extension) either from Docker hub or SaaS.
  2. We can monitor Python running directly on a server or inside a container/pod. For containers the python probe has to be built into the image. And it needs an APM IA to connect to.
    1. APM IA can be running in a “central” pod (daemonset: one per node). 
    2. APM IA running in a side-car container with each pod. More resource-intensive, but more fail-safe.
    3. APM IA can be running off OpenShift on a separate server.
  3. Angular is browser-side Java script. It can be server by anything speaking http/s, e.g. Tomcat, Node.js, Python. We can inject browser agent into Angular but only manual injection is supported