IIS probe - How to disable the "localhost is NOT available" alert.
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IIS probe - How to disable the "localhost is NOT available" alert.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When installing the IIS probe locally, the probe documentation states the following:

However, the following alert can be generated:

This article explains how to disable this alert, if it is undesired.


Release : IIS probe - any version

Component : UIM - IIS


To disable/prevent the alert to be generated, please execute the following procedure:

1- In the etc/hosts file of the probe machine, please uncomment the localhost entry and save the file;

2- Open the IIS probe in raw config, and under "messages", delete the "MsgHostAvailError" key;

3- Deactivate/activate the probe;

4- Clear the alerts and check if they will appear again or not;

If somehow the alert is still being generated after executing the above procedure, please contact the Broadcom Support Team.

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