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I have a customer that uses the querybuilder to run queries.

When they export the results, it downloads with no extension.

This makes it difficult to use scripts to process the data.

Is there a way to force PM to append the extension .csv on these exports.

There is a documented method for the Bulk Data Export tool has such a setting but I can't find one for the QueryBuilder.


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To have the CSV files saved with the .csv, or any other Excel based extension, would be an Enhancement Request.

The CSV file extension is a mime type. We're dependent on how the browser handles it. Most browser show HTML, JSON, XML, and ATOM outputs inside the browser tab rather than saving the output to a file by default.

The issue is that a CSV is not a file type the browser will show by default.

As a result the output returned is saved to the file without an extension.

To do that would require new code and this is an Enhancement Request.

Additional Information

Enhancement Requests can be submitted via the Broadcom Community Ideation site found here.