Alarms when SpectroServer MLS is down
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Alarms when SpectroServer MLS is down


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Our environment consists of a Spectrum MLS then a BLS and integration of Performance Manager . while we have been troubleshooting issues with Spectrum

it came to our attention that Performance Manager was not sending threshold violation alarms to Spectrum when the Spectrum System was in Failover.

We require to know if in fact this is the function of the system integration that if Spectrum had a failure on the MLS all Performance alarms are stopped,

and if so how this can be resolved that when Spectrum fails over how do Performance Manager alarms get registered into Spectrum


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration

CAPM 3.x

Spectrum 10.x


When a primary landscape in spectrum is down or failed over, the synch between spectrum and CAPC stops and the event polling thread on oneClick stops grabbing events from CAPC.


When the landscape becomes available again, OneClick will begin polling from the last time it successfully retrieved events.

No events from CAPC should be lost in this process.

See KB article 195104 to fix the issue:


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