Changing passwords via z/OS linux shell EDC5143I No such process (errno2=0x090C05DC)


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When trying to change password on a userid via the Unix shell, that has no TSO or OMVS segment, receive message:  
Password was not changed: EDC5143I No such process. (errno2=0x090C05DC)

If the userid has a TSO and OMVS segment, can successfully change the password via the shell.
Is there some type of setting that makes the system just change the password without
asking for current ID's password? 

# passwd -u dummyo
Updating password for user: dummyo
Enter current password:
Enter new password:
Enter new password again:
Password was not changed: EDC5143I No such process. (errno2=0x090C05DC)      

BPXMTEXT 090C05DC returns:
BPXMRPWD 08/10/16                                          
JrNoOMVSseg: User profile has no OMVS segment.
Action: Provide an OMVS segment for the user's profile.  


Release : 16.0
Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


Based on our findings it is a function/requirement of the passwd command that if
using the passwd AIX command to change a password the logonid must be defined to OMVS.

The IBM documentation related to the passwd command also mentions:
To change another user's password, enter the passwd command and the user's login 
name (the User parameter).  The passwd command prompts you for the old password 
of the user as well as the new password.