How to identify which SQL Agent relates to which SQL process?


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At times, there maybe a specific SQL that a DBA might identify as taking up un-necessary CPU cycles.  This doc lets you identify which SQL Agent relates to which SQL process.


NOTE:  This is to provide immediate relief from any un-necessary load that the process maybe causing. 


Release : 17.2



1) Invoke the Activity Monitor tool in SQL Management Studio (right click on the database node and select Activity Monitor). 

2) Filter out by user:mdbadmin or database:mdb so only those items are being shown

3) Note down the hostname and Application that is at fault

4) The Application value is shows what SQL Agent and the process ID (value in the last section of the Application value) 

5) Remote desktop to the Service Desk server identified in the hostname value and locate the process ID via task manager



6) You can terminate the process or try to diagnose it further by doing some traces on that program or identify what user/task might have required that agent to start processing (refer to SDM stdlog.x files)