Passwort readable in export.xml of SAP CONN-object of the type Internet


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation CA Automic Operations Manager CA Automic Oracle


The password assigned to a User in SAP Connector of the Type Internet is visible in clear in XML export of such an object.
Save problem exists also with Connectors for SAP PI.
The password are not encrypted before exporting them to XML.


This is a bug

The Application Interface/AWI stored this field in clear when saving this type of CONN object.


One Automation 12.2.2


A problem has been fixed where the export of a CONN object for SAP PI or JXBP contained the password in clear text.
With this fix, the Application Interface/AWI stores this field encrypted when saving this type of CONN object.
After it has been saved, the export returns an empty value for the password field.

The correction is available in One Automation 12.3.3. To fix this problem, upgrade to this version or higher.