What Does The % Deleted Mean On RES Block Line In The Top Secret TSSFAR Output?


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The TSSFAR SFSTATS report output shows the following. What does this line mean? 

RES Blocks allocated:                 60  % Used 086       % Deleted 018  


Does this mean 86% of the allocated space has been used but since there was some cleanup done 18% of this space has been recouped so the usage is 68% ?


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


Yes. Top Secret has an index with used entries in it. As resources are deleted (remove ownerships via TSS REMOVE(dept) resclass(resname) ), the entry is not remove. It is just marked deleted. That entry can then be reused. 

(TSSXTEND would need to be run to make that space be reported as unused again. But Top Secret can use the deleted entries again without running TSSXTEND, so they are readily reusable.)