Very large logs.bin files in PAM 3.3 causing overhead for PAM admins


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Every once in a while PAM support will ask us to collect the system logs file logs.bin from one or more PAM appliance nodes. These used to be in the low hundreds of MBs in size. But since the upgrade to PAM 3.3 they seem to be much larger and can be multiple GB in size. This can cause download failures, or after a successful download failures to attach to a case. Our PAM admins spend a lot of extra time dealing with these huge log archives. Can anything be done to cut down on the size of these files?


PAM 3.3 includes an upgrade of the Operating System, including utilities that are relevant for logging and log rotation/purging, leading to an unintentional growth of a couple of directories that are included in the system logs with time.


Release : 3.3



This will be addressed in 3.4.1 and later releases. While on 3.3, an alternative to collecting the system logs is to retrieve the CA Remote Engineer Zip File, which can be downloaded from the same Diagnostic Logs configuration page and in most cases includes the information needed by Support. Support also can purge some files that are not needed using SSH access to the PAM server before collecting the system logs.