HTML portlets in channels: The tab hidding action (&puiFullscreen=on&puiHidePPMTabs=on) does not properly work
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HTML portlets in channels: The tab hidding action (&puiFullscreen=on&puiHidePPMTabs=on) does not properly work


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


1. Go to Home > General
2. Click on the Manage My Tabs Spanner icon
3. Create a new tab called "My tab"
4. On the Content tab > Add the License Information OOTB portlet
5. Navigate to the "My tab" tab   
   Note the URL:
6. Go to the Modern UX > Blueprints
7. Edit a project related blueprint
8. Add a Channel to the blueprint
   URL to be provided:
   The context of the URL provided should be hidden on the channel when using the PhoenixUI
9. Go to a project associated to that blueprint.
10. Go to the channel above. You see the License Information portlet and the context of the tab does not appear as expected
11. Click on "User Count by License Type" or "Rights by License Type"
12. You drill down to the portlet where you clicked on
13. Look at the context of the page

Expected results: The context of the page is not visible
Actual results: The context and other tabs are visible 


Any Clarity release that supports Channels


This is caused by DE53552


This has been reviewed by Engineering:

Phoenix UI supports two (puiFullscreen=on and puiHidePPMTabs=on) additional URL parameters, when these parameters are passed in the URL the top menu bar and the left side menu are stripped. In the use case mentioned we are launching a classic UI HTML portlet in the MUX via channels, now when the user takes any action inside the channel(iframe), these parameters are removed from the URL and the menu bars start displaying again.

At this moment, this defect will be closed as Will Not Fix.

If on future the iframe area is to be redesigned, a possible fix will be re-analyzed.


Additional Information

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: When HTML portlets are used, when drilling down into links or returning back to the portlet, the context is lost. 
If the channel contains a Save button where the user can save any changes. The save action also displays the context of the portlet.
In general in HTML portlets, the puiFullscreen=on&puiHidePPMTabs=on functionality is lost when user takes actions