Webagent configuration on AEM dispatchers
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Webagent configuration on AEM dispatchers


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We're planning to install a Web Agent and we'd like to know if Web
Agent is supported on AEM dispatchers, where Apache configuration for
modules and aliases will be written in vhosts.conf file instead of the
out of the box /etc/httpd/httpd.conf ?



Web Agent 12.52SP1CR10;



Web Agent is supported on ASF Apache 2.4 as long as the eventual
problem concerns only the out of the box ASF Apache 2.4. Adobe
Enterprise Manager probably use a modified Apache server, so the
support will be limited.

From our side, we'd never qualified our Web Agent with AEM. So support
has no official guideline to integrate both. More, Web Agent on AEM
has never tested nor developped for that sake.

As this integration has never been tested internally at Broadcom and
as we don't have guidelines for that, we'd like you to get in touch
with Adobe support and our Services departement for integration if

  CA Services

And in order to get that Web Server version fully certified and tested
with SiteMinder, we advise you to set and Idea on the Ideation page :

  1. Go to the "All Ideas" page :
  2. Click on the "Add" button.
  3. In the "Select categories...", select "Layer7 Access Management".
  4. Write a title in the "title" box.
  5. Write a complete description of the Enahcement Request or
     Certification you'd like to post.
  6. Click on "Save" to get the Idea submitted !

As per Support Matrix, we support Web Agent on Apache 2.4 from Apache
Software Foundation on RedHat 7 (which is Oracle Linux 7 equivalent) :

  CA SiteMinder 12.52 Product Support Matrix

    | Web Server     | Version | Red Hat     |
    |                |         | 64-bit      |
    | ASF Apache 64- |   2.4.x | 7 (SP1 CR1) |
    | bit            |         |             |


Reading some threads on the Adobe site, it looks some manual
configuration are needed, which might also differ depending the AEM
version you run.

  Siteminder AEM Webserver Integration

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About strickly speaking of Web Agent on virtual host (vhost.conf) on
Apache. You can configure manually settings as per our Documentation :

  Configure Virtual Servers

  Configuring SiteMinder, Apache and VirtualHosts

About Web Agent running as Reverse Proxy on Apache, our documentation
provides also those guidelines :

  How to Configure an Apache Reverse Proxy Server