The Classic UI timesheets do not properly work with Modern UI Investment Extension investments


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1. Studio > Objects > Create a new object
2. Object name: CustomInvestment
   Ensure the Object Extension is set to Investment Extension
3. Home > Resource Management > Resources > Create a resource
4. Resource Name: ResA
   Ensure Open for Time Entry flag is on and Track Mode is PPM
5. Move to the Modern UX
6. Go to the Investments icon
7. Select the CustomInvestment investment
8. Create an investment instance: Test timesheets
9. On the Staff tab, add the ResA resource
10. On the Tasks tab create two tasks: Task A and Task B
11. Assign the ResA to both tasks
12. Go to the Modern UX timesheets
13. Select the ResA timesheet and open it
14. Options: Assigned Tasks > Create timesheet
15. Both TaskA and TaskB for the custom investment have been added.
    Everything is fine
16. Move to the Classic UI timesheets
17. Find the timesheet for ResA
18. Click the Other Time button
19. The CustomInvestment investment is shown, but only a single row is shown and no task name can be seen
20. Click on the Populate button.
21. Now two rows are added, but no task information can be seen.

Expected results:

All assigned tasks are added to the timesheet as it happens in the Modern UX timesheet
Tasks names can be seen to differentiate the entries where you entering time
Only tasks belonging to the timesheet period are added
When adding tasks on the Investment Type filter you do not see the CustomInvestment object as a filtering option

Actual Results:

Only 1 task is added at first and when populate button is used all assigned tasks.
No task names can be seen so you really do not know what is what
Every task is added when populate button is used even if those are future tasks and in principle should be excluded.
When adding tasks on the Investment Type filter you can see the CustomInvestment object as a filtering option


This is caused by DE55794


Clarity PPM 15.8


Product Management reviewed the scenario reported and decided that we are not going to update Classic timesheet functionality and we are not planning to add incidents into Modern at this time.
If this issue is of a high impact for you, you might want to raise an idea

Customer Innovation Process for Clarity PPM


Additional Information

The custom investment on the Classic UI is understood to be an NPIO. That is why a single row is shown initially (effort task)
Incident timesheeting is not supported on the Modern UX timesheets. If incidents and Modern UX custom investments time needs to be posted, you can only do so through the Classic UI. Otherwise you need to be entering time through both interfaces and it males the process cumbersome