BG or App restart impact
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BG or App restart impact


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What is the impact of a Clarity BG or App service restart?


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Impact of BG Restart

Impacted is limited to background related activities including:

  1. Jobs
  2. Scheduled reports
  3. Processes

There is no outage on the UI / application side for the bg restart.

Note: Prior to the restart of BG it's recommended to:

  1. Ensure any processing jobs are completed
  2. Once the above is verified, pause all waiting/scheduled jobs that may kick off during the duration of the bg restart/maintenance

Impact of App Restart

A rolling restart of the application services is done to minimize impact but during the restart there may still be an outage on the application end where users will not be able to access the Clarity UI


  • Log in to Clarity
  • Access pages in Clarity
  • Make updates via the UI

Additional Information

Note: We recommend to stop all Clarity services with service stop command before any regular maintenance (server restart in Prod)