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How to add a new custom column to the explorer tab in CA Spectrum OneClick Console


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum OneClick has an Explorer tab under Navigation panel. Out of the box it has Model Name and Severity columns. This solution describes how we can add a new custom column to the Explorer tab.


Spectrum 10.x


Follow these steps to add a new column to the explorer tab of Spectrum OneClick

  1. Logon to OneClick server

  2. Navigate to $SPECROOT/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/topo/config directory.

  3. Copy the table-explorer-config.xml to the $SPECROOT/custom/topo/config directory.

  4. Edit the xml file and add the custom code like the below before the tag </column-list>


  5. Save the file

  6. Log out and then back into OneClick
The output of Explorer tab should look similar to the following:


Additional Information

Reference the "Broadcom TechDocs : CA Spectrum 10.4.1 - Customizing OneClick" section of the documentation for more information.