Scale Capacity with negative numbers is not working in Portfolio PPM


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Clarity PPM On Premise


How do you scale capacity down on the portfolio targets?

Steps to reproduce

  • Add Role – Filter by role name. Select Add
  • Select Role check box from Target screen
  • Select Populate capacity
  • Add OBS Filters – will show the capacity per period.
    Select role and Add – Capacity populates per mth on Targets screen
  • Adjust the Overall distributed Target to reflect the total FTE minus the roles.
  • Save

Scaling capacity:

  • Select the role checkbox -> Scale Capacity
  • Add Scaling Capacity: Enter 10 then Apply to adjust numbers 10% up
  • adding -10 does not seem to do anything



The portfolio targets work differently in scaling than when scaling on a project.

On the project you can enter a negative percent to scale down.  However portfolio capacity works differently.


Release : 15.8.1



The portfolio targets scale capacity % scales by the percent you enter in the field.

if you want to scale capacity up you would put in a number greater than 100%.

To scale capacity down you would put in a number lower than 100%.

For example.  If the current distributed target is showing at 10 and you want to reduce the capacity to be 10% of that is showing you would enter 10 in the scale capacity and the target would update to show 1 instead of 10 (10% of 10).

If you want to reduce capacity by 50% you would enter 50% and the target would updated to 5 (50% of 10)

If you want to increase capacity by 50% you would enter 150% and the target would change to 15.  (150% of 10)