ibm_ds_next probe is not able to retrieve data from IBM DS8900 device


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ibm_ds_next probe does not display the inventory for IBM DS8900 device, even though the test connection is successful, in the probe configuration screen:


Looking at the probe logs (loglevel=5), we can see the following error being displayed:

May 10 23:15:56:156 [Data Collector -, ibm_ds_next] Url is https://xxxxxxx:xxxxx
May 10 23:15:56:156 [Data Collector -, ibm_ds_next] Connecting to SMIS server https://xxxxxxx:xxxxx xxxxxxx
May 10 23:15:56:331 [Data Collector -, ibm_ds_next] PERF: START: ----- Pass-000   Run CommandGroup: IBMCIMData
May 10 23:15:56:331 [Data Collector -, ibm_ds_next] setup: concurrency_factor=1
May 10 23:15:56:331 [Data Collector -, ibm_ds_next] Connection.Run DataCollectionPass: IBMCIMData  doComandPass=true  doProcessingPass=false  numThreads=1
May 10 23:15:56:331 [Data Collector -, ibm_ds_next] CommandPoolExecutor.Execute() 1
May 10 23:15:56:331 [Data Collector -, ibm_ds_next] CommandPoolExecutor.waitTillDone() Current runCount=1  doneCount=0  exceptionCount=0
May 10 23:15:58:640 [Data Collector -, ibm_ds_next] CommandPoolExecutor.waitTillDone() FINISHED: runCount=1  doneCount=1  exceptionCount=0
May 10 23:15:58:642 [CommandPoolExecutor_0_11387, ibm_ds_next] PERF: START: Pass-000  Run Command: IBMTSDS_ExtentPool,IBMTSDS_ExtentPoolStatistics,IBMTSDS_DiskExtent,IBMTSDS_DiskDrivePackage,IBMTSDS_ArrayPool
May 10 23:15:58:642 [CommandPoolExecutor_0_11387, ibm_ds_next] Class dumping: IBMTSDS_ExtentPool started
May 10 23:15:58:642 [CommandPoolExecutor_0_11387, ibm_ds_next] NameSpace : root/ibm Class Name IBMTSDS_ExtentPool Properties [Ljava.lang.String;@1018299e Wbem Client [email protected]
May 10 23:15:58:643 [CommandPoolExecutor_0_11387, ibm_ds_next] Unknown host
May 10 23:15:58:644 [CommandPoolExecutor_0_11387, ibm_ds_next] WBEMException: CIM_ERR_FAILED (Unknown host)
 at org.sblim.cimclient.internal.wbem.WBEMClientCIMXML.transmitRequestWorker(
 at org.sblim.cimclient.internal.wbem.WBEMClientCIMXML.transmitRequest(
 at org.sblim.cimclient.internal.wbem.WBEMClientCIMXML.enumerateInstances(
 at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
 at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
 at Source)
Caused by: xxxxxxxx


Starting on IBM DS8900 models, only REST API requests are allowed to gather information from the device.


Release : ibm_ds_next 1.13 and earlier versions

Component : UIM - IBM DS


Currently, ibm_ds_next probe only works with SMI-S requests. REST API requests are not supported.