IDMS: In MSM if I Cleanup and Hide the product name CA IDMS/DB for z/OS plus - MVS, will it also delete my SMP/E environment?


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If I Cleanup and Hide the product name CA IDMS/DB for z/OS plus - MVS, will it also delete my SMP/E environment?


Release : 19.0

Component : CA ADS


No, Cleanup and Hide will NOT delete your SMP/E Environment (CSI) or related files. 

When you Clean up & Hide a product you get this scary message telling you that all automatic maintenance tasks for a long list of CSI's will be halted while the product is hidden.

It's just a scary looking message and it is okay to Clean Up and Hide the product name, CA IDMS/DB for z/OS plus - MVS, because if you select that as a the product name all of your product or maintenance acquisition tasks would fail the site entitlement (license check)  any way because the product name selected does not match the product name on your site entitlement. 

You can confidently click OKAY to this 'scary' looking message without fear of any damage being done to any of your SMP/E Environments (CSI) in the list. 

The reason is because MSM acquires maintenance by FMID, NOT by Product name. 

Therefore, you don't need to worry because MSM will only acquire maintenance for the products FMIDs that are installed within in that particular SMP/E Environment (CSI). So regardless of what the product name is, if your CSI contains that ct FMID, then maintenance will be acquired for that product.

To see what product FMIDs are installed in a particular SMP/E Environment (CSI) 

- In MSM, 

- Click the SMP/E Tab

- Select the a CSI 

- Click Installed Products

- Click Expand All and this will list every Product FMID installed in that CSI

For example: 

Now in the above example for IDMS there is only one FMID installed, but if you click the MAINTENANCE Tab you would see the list of available Maintenance for that FMID 

Using a different example of a CSI with MULTIPLE product FMIDs installed, you can Filter the Maintenance by the product by filtering on the FMID.

- From the  SMP/E Tab, select the desired SMP/E Environment (CSI)

- Click Maintenance

- Click the Filter Box and then select the product FMID you want to display the maintenance for. 

For example: