Error running Upgrade in place ; allocate MDISKs for new users on the IBM Work volume(s)


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CA VM:Secure for z/VM


I am running the z/VM 7.1 Upgrade In Place procedure. When I run the INSTUPGR STAGE1 ( COMMIT step I am getting an error.
The log indicates this:

Processing record 293 of $STAGE1$ $TABLE$ E           
Command 'LINK ZHPM 191 4001 MR' failed with RC=103    

If I issue the link command manually, it appears as if VM:Secure has the ZHPM disk linked as R/W.

LINK ZHPM 191 4001 MR                                                
HCPLNM103E DASD 4001 forced R/O; R/W by VMSECURE, R/O by     2 users 


You should allocate the MDISKs for any new users on the IBM Work volume(s), and not the RES or COM volumes.




Release : 3.2

Component : CA VM:Secure for z/VM

z/VM 7.1


The problem is that you specified to allocate the (new user) ZHPM minidisk on volume 64XRES, the z/VM 6.4 RES Pack.

You should have allocated the MDISKs for any new users on the IBM Work volume(s), not the RES or COM volumes.

Additionally, in theory, after the upgrade is complete, the old 6.4 RES volume will go away.

VM:Secure has a full pack overlay of the RES Pack as it typically has the online directory on it.


Site confirmed 64XRES is the current (running system's) RES Pack.

Customer advised to back out and redo the configuration starting with running INSTPLAN to correct the allocations of the MDISKs for the new user's and not specify they should be added on either the RES or COM volumes.

Additional Information

It is confusing because you have the "WORK/Starter" system in the mix.

You should avoid putting new IDs they ask *you* to allocate space for on the RES and COM volumes because IBM puts new minidisks they may not ask you about on them, so they assume based on the installation you've used, space is there to accommodate that.

So, what I meant by "IBM Work packs", is that with the default installed system that exists after the installation is complete (in other words not considering anything from the WORK/Starter System), you have IBM volume(s) that are designated "work" volumes ... like M01W01. You may have changed the volume name to something else. You may have added additional volumes to your system that you consider "for IBM code or Operating System Code" (in other words not user mindisk packs) that you can use.

You can use the COM volume if you need to, but I would avoid it if you can. But you should not use the RES volume.