How to get access to Product Documents or Software


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How to get access to Product Documents or Software


Please find the steps below based on your Support Division:


> For BSN Document Access:

Click on Brocade Products

Please upgrade your profile to Enterprise User by clicking the link given as in the above screenshot. Or you can directly access this Link

  • If you are Enterprise user without CUSTOMER access privilege, you will be able to login as Enterprise user and can access Brocade Support page as below. However, at this moment you will be having only AP_GUEST access profile due to which lock icon is displayed on Downloads & Documentation application

Please click on Lock icon to upgrade your profile to CUSTOMER access privilege

  • If you are Enterprise user with CUSTOMER access privilege, then you will be able to access docSAFE -> Downloads screen via Downloads & Documentation from below screen.

Downloads Screen


> For Classic Broadcom/Semiconductors Documents Access:

The following Product Divisions falls under this Support:

ASIC Products Division

ASIC Products Singapore

Broadband Carrier Access (BCA)

Central Engineering

Compute & Connectivity (CCX)

Fiber Optics Products Division

Industrial Fiber Optics (IFPD)

IP & Licensing Division

Isolation Products Division (IPD)

Mobile Connectivity

Motion Control Product Division

Operations Engineering

Optoelectronic Products Division

Physical Layer (PLP)

Set Top Box And Cable Modem (STBCM)

Switching Products

Wireless Semiconductor Division


Please login to Broadcom Support Portal following this link:

Click on Semiconductors. Then you will be able to see below screen

Upon clicking on Product Downloads, you will be redirected to docSAFE -> Downloads for downloading the documents

If you are a Basic User, then you will be getting link to upgrade your profile upon clicking Product Downloads as below. Please upgrade your account to access the Downloads screen. Or you can upgrade your account using this Link

> For CA/Symantec Documents Access:


If you are unable to download a Product or getting an error message, please use the following methods to get support: 

(a) Open a Case using the Customer Care Webform

(b) Use our Chatbot Broadcom-BOB. Select the product division and type "Chat with Agent" to chat with a live agent (only available Monday-Friday).

(c) Call us via phone - If you know your Site ID, please use it on our phone system to assist you quicker.