UIM : snmpcollector : Unable to import device by Query Discovery Server


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


SNMP discovery (via UMP) done for the following devices, but "Query Discovery Server" in snmpcollector probe does not create 2 profiles for both devices.

IP Address Name cisco1 cisco1


Discovery name (in this senario, Sysname) is duplicated for those devices.
If DNS resolution for device is not available, snmpcollector will use Sysname for profile name.
In snmpcollector probe, profile name must be unique.
Since snmpcollector probe can't create 2 profiles with the same name, it does not import both.


snmpcollector probe any version.


Add unique entry for these devices using local hosts file (Windows : Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, Linux : /etc/hosts)
on the box where discovery_agent probe (for SNMP device discovery) is running.
For example, add the following entry to local hosts.     device_primary     device_secondary

Run SNMP discovery for those devices one more time, then device name in UMP will be reflected accordingly.
Once device name in UMP become unique, run Query Discovery Server in snmpcollector again.